May 13, 2013

Friday Seneca Street Bar-Sat Midwest City Festival (OK)

The Seneca Street Bar is now supporting LIVE music in south Wichita …so, we were asked to do a show. FRIDAY night we want to see you on the dance floor. It is what we do !

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May 5, 2013

Happy CICO DE MAYO ! Our show starts at noon today !

Drop by Jose Peppers (21st & Tyler) at noon today for food & drink specials. We perform all afternoon starting at 12. It will be fun with special guests and radio personality Emily Stevens !

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April 29, 2013

Friday & Saturday at the Brewery and Loft 150

Come out and enjoy the GREAT sound at Loft 150. Good food, great location, rain or shine the party goes on at the Loft! Hope to see a ton of you there, we start at 930 both nights.Annie Up at Loft 150 Feb 22 007

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